Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) credential was created by and is maintained by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).  The IIA was started in 1941 and has grown to over 180,000 members, with over 160 chapters in the U.S.

FunCPE courses are acceptable for CIA CPE credit. CIAs in every state can receive credit for our courses.

CPE program criteria

All FunCPE courses meet the Institute of Internal Auditors CPE program criteria. Courses must:

Acceptable CPE subjects for CIA CPE

While all FunCPE courses meet the program development criteria, CIAs must still select appropriate subject material for CE courses. The following general subjects are acceptable for CIAs:
NOTE: Taxation courses are not considered appropriate for CIAs. Accordingly, FunCPE courses except taxation courses qualify for CPE credit for CIAs.

We offer cpe courses in the following CIA CPE subjects:

  • Accounting and auditing
  • Management
  • Advisory Services

Required CPE hours

In accordance with the Institute of Internal Auditors, practicing CIAs:

  • Must earn 40 CPE credit hours every year by December 31st

Want more information? Review the specific CIA CPE requirements on the IIA web site.

Other professional certifications

CIAs who also hold an IIA specialty designation, such as
will satisfy the CPE reporting requirement of all specialty programs by reporting the appropriate CPE hours for the CIA designation.
Three reasons to try FunCPE:
  1. Study materials are low-cost--buy your books wherever you want (or use the library!)
  2. Online grading / instant CPE certificate
  3. Start immediately--download your book to a Kindle!

We welcome Certified Internal Auditors to our site and would like to serve your needs better. Please contact us with any suggestions for new course topics for Certified Internal Auditor CPE specifically.