Certified Cash Manager (CCM)

Credential issued and maintained by

Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)

The Certified Cash Manager (CCM) professional designation has been merged into the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) certification.

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) oversees both CCM and CTP credentials.  Before 1986, the AFP awarded the Certified Cash Manager and beginning in 2003 the CCM certification was phased into the current CTP to reflect the expanding role of treasury within corporate finance.

According to the AFP website, over 28,000 individuals have one of these two credentials.

FunCPE courses

FunCPE offers several courses acceptable for both Certified Cash Manager and Certified Treasury Professional continuing professional education (CPE) credit.

Visit our Certified Treasury Professional page to see details about requirements and acceptable courses.  

The CE requirements for recertification are the same for both CTP and CCM professionals.