Take a Fun CPE course right now that is so innovative, progressive, fun and refreshingly different, it’s almost a shame to call it CPE!


FunCPE is owned and operated by CPAs and offers online self-study continuing professional education for Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, Tax Preparers and over 35 other financial professionals. Course topics include tax, accounting, auditing, business management, advisory services and ethics for Enrolled Agents.


All courses and exams are prepared and/or tested by CPAs. We provide:

  • interesting,
  • accurate and
  • up-to-date education materials 
  • at reasonable prices.

What makes us different is a light-hearted approach–because there is no requirement that CPE must be dull!

How it all started . . .

Remember when “comedy defensive driving” seemed like such a novel concept? Now it seems like all defensive driving courses are in that format. Well, we think that someday most CPE will be presented in an entertaining format, and we like to think we are starting a trend.

We started FunCPE after we noticed that it was difficult to find good, cheap courses on the Internet. You shouldn’t have to order an expensive book, and should be able to get quick test results and quick cpe certificates, without paying extra. Besides, have you noticed how the “shipping and handling” charges seem a little excessive?

So, we thought about what we would like to see made available. We came up with FunCPE because we believe there is always room for a little humor in even the most serious pursuits. Plus, we wanted to offer CPE at reasonable prices, so the courses are priced affordably.

Our course materials are either PDFs included with the course or books available at most libraries.

Want more information?

We welcome feedback and we are always “looking to improve” so send any comments our way.

At FunCPE, everyone works in the customer service department, because really, without our customers, we wouldn’t be anywhere!  So consider arranging a tour and check out our unusual double guarantee.


Funny CPE is more fun!