Unusual Eraser Guarantees


We are so certain you’ll like your CPE courses, we will cheerfully refund your money immediately if you are not 100% satisfied.

We understand that it can be a little nerve-racking to buy something online. We want to completely eliminate all risk to you by providing iron-clad guarantees for our courses.

In fact, we have not just one, but TWO guarantees.

Pencil Eraser Guarantee


The Pink Pearl Guarantee


100% money-back — no deductions: we completely erase your credit card charge

If you are the least bit dissatisfied with any aspect whatsoever of your experience taking a cpe course from us–just let us know and we will quickly “erase” your purchase price in full with a good old Pink Pearl.

We simply issue a credit to your credit card.

You have not 30, not 60, but up to 90 days to return your course, making our return policy the most liberal in the industry.


  • No handling charges,
  • No restocking fees,
  • No deductions,
  • No mumbo jumbo,
  • No nothing!

Pencil Eraser Guarantee

The Pencil Eraser Guarantee


Free transfer to updated course: we erase the old course number and type in the new one!

We guarantee the course you take will be current and up-to-date. If you enroll in a course and the subject material gets updated before you complete your course, we will pull out our Pencil Eraser and erase your enrollment and transfer you to the newer course.

Have you ever purchased a CPE course, only to see that it gets updated shortly after you buy it? And then you are stuck taking an old course based on outdated tax laws or generally old information? We have solved that problem at FunCPE–you never need to take an outdated CPE course.

In accordance with NASBA/AICPA/IRS course standards, you have up to one year to complete a course from date of purchase.  If at any time during that year we update your course to newer material before you complete that course–we will transfer you to the newer course at no charge! Just let us know!