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Pilot Tester Signup

Pilot Tester Signup

We have temporarily suspended our pilot tester signup in order to give all of our existing pilot testers a chance to participate in our pilot tests.

We will reopen the signup once we have rotated through all current pilot testers on our list.

We really do appreciate your interest in helping us improve and maintain our course quality by participating in the pilot program. 
* * *

State CPA CPE and Enrolled Agent guidelines require that every self-study CPE course be tested by qualified individuals prior to the publication of the course.

Our pilot test procedure is as follows:

1) Sign up to enter a pilot test group

  • Sign up using the form below
  • We will email you when a new course becomes available for pilot testing
  • You respond to the email to indicate interest in that specific pilot test
  • You receive confirmation that you have been accepted in that test group

2) Complete the pilot test

  • Review the preliminary instructions
  • Obtain the reading material (borrow, buy or download)
  • Keep close track of study time
  • Take notes on any unclear questions or technical difficulties experienced
  • Answer exam questions
  • Complete a short pilot test course evaluation
  • Submit a Statement of Independence and resume (both can be submitted online)

Most pilot test groups require that you be able to complete the process within one to two weeks from notification date. We suggest providing an email address that you check frequently as test groups fill up quickly. We do not share the information you provide with anyone.

Is the CPE credit free?

You will receive free cpe for the course--the amount of cpe is determined after all participants have completed the process.

But you may need to purchase or borrow the textbook for the course

About half of our courses use free downloadable course materials. The other half of our courses use top selling business books. If you choose to pilot test a book-based course, you will need to get a copy of the textbook--you can either borrow it from the library, buy it locally or order it online from amazon.

Because we must wait until all pilot testers have completed their material, we do not recommend using a pilot test course to meet CPE reporting deadlines.

For more information read the FAQs on Pilot Testing.

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