Here lies a list of CPE providers that have gone out of business, or at least it appears they are out of business because their website is not active at this time.  This list was created as part of an answer to the question “how do I know this is a legitimate CPE provider?”  which often comes with the question “how do I know this company will still be in business in the future?”


CPE providers that are no longer in business

Our list was compiled from an original list of competitors, created when FunCPE was founded in 2001.  We tried to visit the home page of each company–this list is websites that gave a message of “this site cannot be found” or something similar. It’s possible the companies were acquired by other CE providers, and merged into another website, but ordinarily a site is redirected to the purchaser site to indicate the site was purchased.

No Longer With Us

  1. Low Cost CPE (lowcostcpe.com)
  2. AB CPE (ab-cpe.com)
  3. Humor Me CPE (humormecpe.com)
  4. Affordable CPE (affordablecpe.com)
  5. EMind (emind.com)
  6. Online Web CPE (onlinewebcpe.com)
  7. Online CPE (online-cpe.us)
  8. Online CPE Courses (online-cpe-courses.com)
  9. CPE Station (cpestation.com)
  10. CPE Credit (cpecredit.org)
  11. Earn CPE (earncpe.com)
  12. Effective Tax CPE (effectivetaxcpe.com)
  13. Involution CPE (involutioncpe.com)
  14. Gold Tax Online (goldtaxonline.com)
  15. Dollar CPE (dollarcpe.com)
  16. 1040 Financial (1040financial.com)
  17. 1st Choice CPE (1stchoicecpe.com)
  18. CPE Credits (cpecredits.net)
  19. American Institute of CPE (amicpe.com)
  20. Tax Course Central (taxcoursecentral.com)
  21. National Tax Institute (nationaltaxinstitute.com)
  22. CE OneSource (fp.edu)
  23. On the Go CPE (onthegocpe.com)
  24. BooksmartCPE (booksmartcpe.com)


WesternCPE filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy case on 04/06/2018.  They continue to operate.

Advantages of staying with the same provider

The fact is, of course you don’t know if the company will still be in business in a few years, and it may not even be important to you.

We have found however that our students like to come back to FunCPE every year. Some of the reasons we’ve heard are:

  • It’s hard enough to keep track of one User ID and password, much less several
  • All my CPE records are in one place
  • You can always reprint your certificates at FunCPE
  • When I use multiple CPE providers, sometimes I forget which ones I used, and then when I am desparately trying to get a copy of a certificate of completion, I can’t
  • Once I learn how to use a course system like the one at FunCPE, I prefer to come back to the familiar–no new learning curve every year

We get calls from students who are being audited by their licensing agency and have been asked to provide proof of CPE completions by sending in copies of course certificates of completion.

Sometimes they can’t remember where they took their courses, so they are calling a lot of different CPE companies to try to find their records.


Always print out your certificates for your own records.

If you are curious about these, or any other websites, you can usually view the history of a website by visiting archive.org.  Enter the name of the website in the Wayback Machine.  It is quite entertaining to do this for various websites, but whatever you do, don’t look up the historical funcpe.com sites:  talk about dated!

View what CPE sites used to look like a few years ago