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Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation CPE course for CPA, CFE, CFS and other financial professionals Cost | Hours: $40  |  10 CPE hours enroll now
multi year
Text included: No | View outline
Book sold separately: Forensic Accounting  ($41-$47)
Valid for:  Most CPAs | others
 Not valid for:  EA | AFSP

Fun CPE Course No. 106012

Format: Interactive self-study | 50-minute hour credit

Subject classification: Accounting

Subject subcategory: Fraud

Exam questions: Review - 50 | Final - 50

Prerequisites: None

Advance preparation: None

Course level: Overview

Course last updated: May 21, 2012

Learning objectives: To understand how to investigate accounting fraud :

  • What is fraud

  • Fundamental principles of analysis

  • Role of the accounting professional

  • Types of fraud

  • The investigative process

  • Interviewing witnesses

  • Gathering documentary evidence

  • Analysis tools

  • Documenting and presenting the case

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