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Recent experience from a former BestCPE student:

I had grown very comfortable over the last decade getting all my CEs from BestCPE.  I was initially concerned when I was redirected to FunCPE’s site.  I was very pleased to find FunCPE had all my historic information and offered the same great service that I had grown accustomed to.

FunCPE has been great to work with and quickly uploaded all my CE certificates to the IRS site.

Paul Sheppard, Enrolled Agent


Do I have to set up a new User ID and Password or do you bring my old one across?

Yes, you do need to set up a new student profile.

  • While the course system is the same for both FunCPE and BestCPE, we are now using just the single course system for FunCPE so that the certificates are issued and reported under FunCPE.
  • Therefore you DO have to set up a new user ID and password the first time you take a course here.
  • You can use the same user ID and password as before (most likely, if it isn’t already in use).

Is my history of courses taken available or do you bring that information across also?

Yes, we have it offline and can access it for you.

  • We did not bring BestCPE student history into the FunCPE system, but we did download it to a database and have it handy if you need for us to send you information about past courses.

Are the procedures for CPE the same?

Yes, the procedures for enrolling and taking a course are almost identical.  It should look pretty familiar.

Do we still take the test at our leisure?

Yes, you have up to one year from date of enrollment to complete a course.

Can we still print the test before we take it?

Yes, you can print the exams before you take them online, with one exception for the AFTR course.  

  • The only exception is the Tax Preparer Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) course which does not allow printing the exam per IRS rules.

If we don’t pass the test the first time, will you reset the system to retake it?

Yes, you have unlimited retakes on all exams, with one exception for the AFTR course.  

  • The only exception is the Tax Preparer Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) course which limits you to four retakes per IRS rules. 
  • The system automatically resets your exam if you don’t pass, and you can immediately retake it.

Can we start taking the test immediately and come back to finish later?

Yes, you can start and stop the exam as needed. 

  • Click on Save and Exit in the exam’s blue menu bar to save your answers.

Is the “Your Income Tax” course using the J.K. Lasser book different from BestCPE?

Yes, the difference is that FunCPE offers both the full 40-hour course, as well as two 20-hour versions of the course. 

  • The full 40-hour course covers the entire book.
  • Each 20 -hour course covers just the first or second half of the book.