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Immediately after passing the final exam with a 70% correct score, you will automatically receive a certificate of completion by email.

You can also later view and print your CPE certificate at any time by logging into the course system.

Lose your certificate? No problem--reprint certificate as many times as needed. Even if your course is expired (all courses expire 365 days from purchase, in accordance with AICPA/NASBA requirements), you can always retrieve your certificate.

Sponsor numbers are printed on the certificate

The following entities require sponsor registration and reporting by sponsor number:

Note that most CPA State Boards and other professional agencies do NOT issue or require sponsor numbers. View a description of CPA CPE acceptance by state.

CPE course certificates meet reporting standards

All CPE reporting information is included on the certificate as required by:

Required cpe course information included on certificate:

  1. Student name and address
  2. Course name
  3. Course number
  4. Date of completion
  5. CPE credit hours
  6. CPE credit basis (i.e. 50-minute hour)
  7. CPE provider name
  8. Provider numbers
  9. Instructional method
  10. Subject area
  11. Signature of registrar
  12. Address and phone number of CPE sponsor
  13. Unique CPE certificate number
  14. IRS Program number (all tax and ethics courses)

Note that not all information listed is required by every licensing entity, but if it is required by ANY entity, we have included it on the CPE certificate.