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Free CPE course temporarity discontinued

The IRS has recently changed the CPE course development requirements so that courses based on IRS publications are no longer accepted for credit.  Our free course "Charitable Contributions" was based on an IRS publication, so we have temporarily suspended it.  We are in the process of revising the content to meet the standards, and expect to have back online soon.

CPE courses using online materials

Our cpe courses use online course materials use PDF documents that can be:

  • printed,
  • viewed online or
  • downloaded to your computer for later viewing.

These course materials are in PDF format, which also allows easy searching within the document.  You can login to the course system from any computer at any time--you have up to one year from date of purchase to complete your course.

Because the study materials for these courses are online, these courses are our lowest cost cpe course offerings.

List of CE courses using online materials:

Federal Tax 

Accounting & Managment

  • All accounting and management courses currently available use books.  Books are purchased separately.


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