Discontinued courses

If you landed on this page, the course you are looking for may have been discontinued

Do you need access to an older tax course publication or a book?

We ordinarily have appropriate links to materials once you log into the course system and select your course.

Students have up to one year from date of purchase to complete their course. If you purchased a course, didn’t complete it yet, and it now has a newer version available, we will be happy to exchange your old course for the new version of the course at no cost to you. Just email us with your name and the course you wish to upgrade.

If you have any trouble at all locating your course materials, please contact us and we will “get you in touch with your materials.”

When are FunCPE courses discontinued?

Tax courses based on Federal tax law

Most of our tax courses are updated annually. The IRS typically releases updated information pertaining to the current tax year at the end of that tax year, or the beginning of the next tax year. We update the related courses within 1-2 weeks of the release of the new information.

Book courses

Our book courses are discontinued when the material becomes outdated (in accordance with the AICPA/NASBA standards) or the book becomes unavailable.

Depending on the subject matter, courses can be considered timely and relevant for several years from the date of publication.