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Free CPE course temporarity discontinued

The IRS has recently changed the CPE course development requirements so that courses based on IRS publications are no longer accepted for credit.  Our free course "Charitable Contributions" was based on an IRS publication, so we have temporarily suspended it.  We are in the process of revising the content to meet the standards, and expect to have back online soon.

Free CPE Course

The best way to know if FunCPE is right for you is to try our tax course for one hour of free cpe credit.

Are any strings attached?

Our current free cpe course is a tax course on Charitable Contributions for one hour of CPE credit. There are no strings attached, except that you do have to actually take the course.

  • View the "Charitable Contributions" course details
  • Just click "add to cart" and checkout--you will NOT need to enter any credit card information.
  • If you are a new student, you will need to create a user ID and password, which is used to log into the course.

I took the Charitable Contributions course before--can I take it again?

Yes, if the course has been updated since the last time your took it. The free course on Charitable Contributions is updated whenever the IRS releases a new publication, which has historically been every year.

Just like our other courses, we assign a new course number whenever we update a course. CPE regulations indicate that when a course is substantially updated, the course can be retaken for credit.

To determine if you have taken this course in the past, log in to the course system (see link in top right hand corner of page) to view your courses and/or reprint any certificates of completion.  Or, if you add the course to your cart and checkout, you will get a warning message if you have taken this course before.

Why do we offer free CPE?

One year, when one of FunCPE's hardworking owners was attempting to complete her CPE requirements, she needed just one more hour to complete the annual CPE requirement. She searched the Internet for a low-cost one hour course, but couldn't find one.

The search engines listed many links to "free CPE" but close inspection indicated "free" actually meant:

  • a future contest or drawing for CPE ("register to win")
  • the only free aspect of the course is that you can "print it for free" or
  • you would have to pay a "certificate fee" or
  • pilot testing a course, so therefore would not offer credit in time to meet your deadline or
  • you were taken to a blank page that said "no free CPE courses available at this time" or
  • there is a free demo, but not a free cpe course or
  • you have to pay for an annual subscription, and if you get a friend to join you get an extension or
  • you can get free tracking of continuing professional education for the courses you purchase or
  • later the company calls you at home and tries to sell you a "CPE subscription" service or
  • requires you to sign up for a credit card.

So, when we started FunCPE, one of the first things we did was create a short CPE course for CPAs, EAs and other professionals.

We love to speak with our customers, but we will NOT be calling you with telephone solicitations!

I need more CPE hours--are there any other free courses?

If you need more CPE credit hours, sign up for our Pilot Tester Program. You will have the opportunity to review new courses before they become available to the public and receive free continuing professional education credit for participating in the pilot test.

What if I am still not sure I want to try the free course?

No problem. You have no obligation whatsoever--there is no charge to register and enroll in the Charitable Contributions course. We also provide a No Risk Guarantee, so your only risk is missing out on some interesting CPE at a low price!

Go ahead and look at the course and then decide. It just doesn't get any easier than that! (Well if it could get any easier, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

Thanks for visiting our site!

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