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Free CPE course temporarity discontinued

The IRS has recently changed the CPE course development requirements so that courses based on IRS publications are no longer accepted for credit.  Our free course "Charitable Contributions" was based on an IRS publication, so we have temporarily suspended it.  We are in the process of revising the content to meet the standards, and expect to have back online soon.

40 Hours of Technical CPE

Need 40 hours of Technical CPE?

We put together a sample curriculum that provides a mix of tax CPE and auditing CPE courses--but you can customize your CPE course selection to meet your continuing education requirements!

The following courses use free online CPE materials--cost shown is total cost.

Title Classification CPE
100510 Investment Income and Expenses Tax 10 $36
101210 Individual Income Tax-Part One Tax 10 $36
101310 Individual Income Tax-Part Two Tax 10 $36
1059N Government Auditing Standards Auditing 10 $40
TOTAL 40 $148

All of our courses are available at the price shown, with no purchase restrictions (and no additional costs):

  • No need to buy a block of hours, then keep track of those hours
  • No need to buy expensive texts--the courses listed above use free cpe materials available online
  • No tax or shipping charges--total shown is total cost
  • We provide CPE for CPAs in most states. Check on your state's CPE sponsor requirements here.
  • CPE Course schedule shown averages $3.70/credit hour--that's low cost CPE!

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