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Using a Kindle to take your CPE course

Want to use your Kindle to take a CPE course?

A FunCPE student emailed this question recently:

"I noticed a blurb about Kindles when I was doing CPE a week or so ago. I am going to be traveling in a few weeks and thought I would use my time on the plane to do some CPE so, If you could give me a little info on how I can facilitate that on my Kindle I would truly appreciate that info."

Kindles are e-book reading devices sold exclusively through Amazon.com. View the list of the textbooks used for FunCPE courses available as e-books--most are available. For simplicity and ease of use, Kindles are great.

And you can buy a Kindle for only $49.99.

How do I take a FunCPE course using a Kindle or e-book reader?

1 Purchase and login to your course (computer or iPad)

2 Print exams (optional but suggested) (computer or iPad)

3 Read the book (iPad or Kindle)

4 Mark you answers on the exams while reading your e-book (old fashioned pen and paper)

5 Login to the FunCPE course system to enter your answers for the exams (computer or iPad)

If you have an iPad, you can complete all the steps to take a course using the iPad.

With a Kindle, you would need to use a computer to login to the course system to enter your answers.

But let's face it, most of your time is spent reading the book, and that is what Kindles are good at.

If it is more convenient, you have the option to record your answers on an answer sheet and fax or mail that to us.

How do I read the PDF files for the online courses?

Some of our courses use "online materials" which are in the form of a PDF.  You can read PDF files on your Kindle, but there are a few steps involved. 

Kindle DX, Kindle Fire or a Kindle 2 or later

It is pretty easy:  Here is a link to a Dummies article on how to transfer a PDF to a Kindle

Kindle 1 or Kindle Touch

Not so easy.  With the older Kindles, you have to convert the PDF to a Kindle format, then transfer it to your device.  This is more complicated, as you can see from these instructions.  Unless you are something of a technical whiz, we do not recommend using the older Kindles to read PDFs, such as the PDFs used in some of our tax courses.


Which FunCPE courses use books available on a Kindle?

View the list of CPE course books available here.

Kindle versions of books are usually 10% less than the printed books, and of course there is no shipping charge.

One of the (many!) advantages of FunCPE courses is you can get your book however you want--

  • Borrow from a friend
  • Obtain from the library
  • Purchase a new or used book at a local store
  • Order online from Amazon
  • Download directly into your Kindle or iPad

Questions? Comments? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your experience using an e-book reader so we can help all of our students use this new technology!

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Download your book

Does your course require a book? Start your book course immediately--download to your Kindle!

Don't have a Kindle yet? Starting at only $49 (if you have Amazon Prime, or $79 if you don't) for a Kindle, it might be worth considering.

Use a Kindle to download your CE book--easy and usually cheaper than buying a hardcover

Most FunCPE textbooks available in Kindle edition

Why use an e-book reader?

Find out how to take a FunCPE course using a Kindle