Maximize your bottom line with the nation’s most trusted small business tax guide

J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes 2024 is the small business owner’s guide to a money-saving, stress-free tax season. While the focus is on preparing 2023 tax year returns, coming changes to 2024 tax year are also highlighted. Small Business Taxes provides a complete listing of all available business deductions and credits, helps you identify those you qualify for, and includes critical information on dollar limits, recordkeeping requirements, and how to actually take the write-off―all the way down to the IRS form to use.

Additionally, organizational and planning strategies help you get through the process quickly and with fewer headaches, and this year’s changes to the tax laws are explained in terms of how they affect your filing. including:

  • How to minimize your 2023 business tax bill and position your business for 2024 tax savings
  • The most up-to-date information on new tax laws and the latest court decisions and IRS rulings that impact your bottom-line
  • A heads up on changes ahead to optimize tax planning
  • Sample forms and checklists to help you get organized and prepare you to submit the most complete and proper filing

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Course Materials

This is a book-based course that requires the separate purchase of a book.

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Fun CPE Course #: 102724
Materials: Separate book purchase
Format: Interactive self-study
Subject: Federal Tax
Exam questions:  Final-90 multiple choice
Passing score: 70% | Unlimited retakes
Prerequisites: None
Advance prep: None
Course level: Overview
Last reviewed/updated: 12/02/23
Expiration: One year from enrollment

Learning objectives


To understand tax law including strategies that:

  • help you use deductions and tax credits effectively,
  • shield business income, and
  • maximize other aspects of small business taxes.

Also to gain an understanding of:

  • the newest tax laws and IRS rules
  • strategies that can help you run a tax-smart business all year long
  • each deductible expense, including dollar limits and record-keeping requirements
  • where to report income and claim deductions on your tax forms

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