The go-to resource managerial accountants can turn to for sustaining their company’s competitive advantage

From flex budgeting to detailing the more sophisticated skills like throughput analysis for capital investments and the fast close for public companies, The Controller’s Function, Fourth Edition offers numerous real-world examples, expertly balancing both the technical and managerial sides of the job.

  • Provides an overview of the functions and responsibilities of the controller/management accountant in a corporation
  • Explores how controllers can better perform their jobs
  • Offers a solid foundation for those who are new to this area

Comprehensive and practical, this book fully defines the role, functions and responsibilities of the managerial accountant in a corporation.

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Course Materials

This is a book-based course that requires the separate purchase of a book.

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Fun CPE Course #: 1063
Materials: Separate book purchase
Format: Interactive self-study
Subject: Accounting
Exam questions:  Final-80
Passing score: 70% | Unlimited retakes
Prerequisites: None
Advance prep: None
Course level: Overview
Last reviewed/updated: 09/28/2011
Expiration: One year from enrollment

Learning objectives

To understand the multifaceted responsibilities of the controller. Included is a detailed job description for the corporate controller position including:

  • job description
  • job qualifications
  • organizational structure of the accounting department

For new controllers, the appendix includes a “New Controller’s Checklist” which details the essential duties of a controller.

The course reviews:

  • internal controls,
  • financial planning and analysis,
  • performance measurement,
  • reporting and
  • information systems.