CPA Ethics Courses

CPA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is regulated by the state you are licensed in. State requirements for CPA ethics courses are either:

1) State specific--the state requires that the ethics course cover that state's rules and regulations governing CPAs licensed in that state


2) General or behavioral--the state accepts ethics courses that cover general ethical considerations or behavior.

If you live in a state that accepts a general or behavioral ethics course AND that state accepts our CPE courses, you can take any of our ethics courses. 

Currently, the following states allow a general ethics course AND accept our CPE courses for credit:

AK - Alaska

CA - California*

CO - Colorado

CT - Conneticut

HI - Hawaii

ID - Idaho

IA - Iowa

IL - Illinois

IN - Indiana

KY- Kentucky

MA - Massachusetts

MD - Maryland

ME - Maine

MI - Michigan

MO - Missouri

MT - Montana

NE - Nebraska

NH - New Hampshire

NM - New Mexico

NV - Nevada

PA - Pennsylvania

RI - Rhode Island

If you have questions or are not sure about your specific requirements, please check with your State Board

* California requires a state-approved course course every 6 years, our courses do not meet that requirement.  Our courses do meet the requirements for the other years when a state-based ethics course is not required.

Texas ethics courses:  We do not offer a TX approved ethics course, as this is a state that requires the course to cover Texas rules for CPAs. We do have a summary of available ethics courses with price comparison, which is useful if you want to find a cheap Texas CPA ethics course!

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