CPE for CPAs licensed in Michigan

Michigan CPAs can take CPE courses from sponsors outside of Michigan for CPE credit.

Overview of requirements:

Course development
Note that our courses are pretested in accordance with the AICPA CPE regulations and all courses are classified as interactive.

Evidence of satisfactory completion
All students receive a Certificate of Completion after satisfactorily passing the final exam of the course. The certificate contains the student's name and address, course name, course number, CPE hours, course format, field of study and CPE Provider name and address.

Program outline
All courses include a study guide, which contains an outline of the course material. These outlines can be printed by the student if desired.

Student records
CPA CPE records are maintained for a minimum of five years.

The following excerpt is reprinted from the Accountancy Board of Michigan CPA Continuing Education rules. More information is available online:

Requirements for Continuing Education Program Acceptance - Self Study courses

Self-study programs.
R 338.5218 | Rule 218.

(1) A licensure applicant or licensee shall receive continuing education credit for an individual self-study program that is in compliance with all of the following requirements:

(a) The program consists of an educational course designed for self-study and requires evidence of satisfactory completion.

(b) The subject matter of the program is listed in R 338.5255.

(c) Written certification of completion and a program outline and recommended qualifying hours are issued by the sponsor upon request.

(d) The sponsor maintains written records of the program outline and completion of the program for a period of 4 years.

(2) Credit for a self-study program shall not be more than 50% of the minimum qualifying hours in any continuing education period.

(3) A licensee shall not receive credit for repeating a self-study program or course or another self-study program or course that has substantially the same content during a continuing education period.


Qualifying continuing education subjects.
R 338.5255 | Rule 255.

Subjects qualifying for continuing education include each of the following:

(a) Accounting.

(b) Auditing.

(c) Management advisory services.

(d) Information technology.

(e) Mathematics, statistics, probability, and quantitative application to business.

(f) Economics.

(g) Finance.

(h) Business law.

(i) Business management.

(j) Professional ethics for certified public accountants.

(k) Taxation.

(l) Financial advisory services.

(m) Business valuations.

(n) Any other subjects which contribute to the professional competency of a licensee and for which the responsibility for compliance rests solely with the licensure applicant or licensee.