How to enroll in a course

Step by step instructions  on enrolling

  • Find the course you want in the Course List
  • Click on the course to get to the details page
  • Click Add to Cart
  • Then click Add to Cart a second time in the pop up window (this is the shopping cart)–the Add to Cart is in the blue menu bar
    • If you want to add more courses, move the pop up window over and 
    • On the Course List add another course to your cart
  • When you are ready to checkout, click on Checkout in the blue bar of the shopping cart
  • Enter your User ID and Password, or if this is your first enrollment, click on “Click Here to Register” and setup your student profile, then click Submit at the bottom of that screen
  • Finally, enter your credit card information and click Submit

You are now ready to roll.  You will get a thank you screen with a link to continue on to your course(s).

You can also login to the course system at any time, from any device.  Go to  click on the Student Login button in the top right corner of every page.