EA Contact Information

Enrolled Agents' Helpline

Phone:  Toll free (855) 472-5540 (Detroit, MI-Central Standard Time)

Website: https://irs.gov/tax-professionals/enrolled-agents

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Calling to check on the status of your renewal application?  The IRS asks you to allow 60 days for processing of a renewal before calling to check on the status.

PTIN Helpline

Phone:  (877)-613-7846 (toll free)

International callers:  (915) 342-5655 (not toll free)

Hours of operation:  8 AM to 5 PM CST (Central Standard Time)

Days of operation:  Open Monday - Friday

Website:  www.irs.gov/ptin


Enrolled Agent Change of Address

If your contact information has changed since the time of your last renewal, notify the IRS by fax or mail your address change to:

Office of Practitioner Enrollment
P.O. Box 33968
Detroit, MI, 48232


Fax: (855)-889-7959

Include your name, prior contact information, new contact information, social security number or tax identification number, and the date.


NOTE:  This contact information was last updated in October 2018.  If you find that this information is no longer current, please write back so we may update the contact information.