EA CPE Requirements

How many CPE hours do I need as an Enrolled Agent to maintain my license?

  • 72 hours of CPE every 3 years
  • 16 CPE hours every year (minimum)
  •   2 CPE hours of ethics included in annual total

In other words, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to take all 72 hours before you complete your EA license renewal. The Office of Professional Responsibility requires that you take at least 16 hours per year, to maintain your professional skills.

The 16 CPE hour annual minimum must include the 2 hour Ethics requirement.

Many Enrolled Agents take 24 hours of CE every year (including ethics) to avoid confusion.

Note that special CPE requirements apply to Enrolled Agents in their first enrollment cycle.  The first enrollment cycle is called the “initial enrollment cycle” and includes each year up until you file your first EA renewal.

What type of CPE courses can I take to meet the EA requirements?

Your continuing education must be Federal tax courses and an ethics course. You must take a 2-hour ethics course each year.  Per the Circular 230, allowable course subjects are:

  • Federal taxation or
  • Federal tax related matters, such as
    • accounting,
    • tax preparation software or
    • ethics

The primary focus of the course MUST BE Federal tax.  The FunCPE accounting courses do not qualify for EA CPE as they are not focused on Federal tax.

You cannot take management or personal development courses, for example, for CPE credit.

Is FunCPE a Qualified Sponsor for Enrolled Agents CPE?

Yes, our Sponsor Number is FAE6R. View actual Sponsor Agreement received from IRS.

When is my EA renewal due?

Review the renewal dates on our renewal dates information page.  Renewal dates are based on the last digit of your social security number.  You don’t normally receive a renewal notice from the IRS, so you need to keep track of when your renewal cycle ends.

Your Enrolled Agent card shows an expiration date, but keep in mind that your enrollment cycle ends on December 31st prior to that expiration date, and your renewal is due January 31st of the year following your enrollment cycle ending.

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