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EA Sponsor Information

FunCPE is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider for Enrolled Agents (EA) and Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) Record of Completion.  

FunCPE has been providing interesting tax and ethics courses to EAs for over 15 years.

  • Valid in all states for Enrolled Agents, tax preparers and all Other Tax Return Preparers (OTRP)
  • Our current sponsorship is valid through December 31, 2019 (all CE Sponsor agreements have annual renewals)
  • Review our IRS CE Sponsor approval letter as well as print it out for your records.

The IRS established new requirements for CE Sponsors in December 2011, including reporting CE earned to student IRS PTIN accounts.  FunCPE received immediate approval to continue providing CE to both Enrolled Agents and Other Tax Return Preparers (OTRP), which now includes the Annual Filing Season Program for non-credentialed tax return preparers.  

Current IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider agreement:

irs 2021 approval


The EA IRS Approved CE Provider number for FunCPE is FAE6R

Our CPE Certificates of Completion meet the IRS standards

Written confirmation of course completed is provided in the certificate which includes:
  • Your name and address
  • CE program name
  • IRS issued program number
  • Date completed
  • Length of CE program indicating CPE credit hours 
  • Signature of a sponsor representative
  • IRS approved provider number
  • CE Provider name and address

The IRS does not require that the PTIN be included on the certificate, and for security concerns we have elected not to include it.  Many of our students display their certificates at their offices, and most prefer not to have the PTIN printed on the certificate for confidentiality.

When you pass the final exam of a course, you automatically receive a CPE certificate of completion by email from FunCPE.
  • You can also view and reprint your certificates at any time by logging into the course system.  No need to be concerned if you lose your certificate--it is available to be reprinted 24/7.
CPE certificate of completion

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FunCPE Reports CE courses completed to the IRS 

Review how we report your CPE hours earned to the IRS, in accordance with new CE Sponsor requirements.

Yes we report your CE hours to the IRS We do report your CE hours earned to the IRS electronically.  We are an approved IRS CPE provider for Enrolled Agents and Tax Preparers.

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Why EAs take our courses

"I loved the convenience of FunCPE: printing out the study materials and tests, entering the test answers online at my convenience and receiving the e-mailed CPE certificates. I liked being able to work off line and then complete the tests online."
--Louanda Feather, EA (North Canton, OH)

* * *

"Very well organized, the questions were illustrative of the text content and the rules and regulations for which they were pertinent.

I will absolutely be back on your site, I have purchased several more exams, and plan to use them very soon."
--Frank B. Howard, EA (Ukiah, CA).

* * *

"Still the best CPE site . . . and thanks for not charging a fortune Thank you again. . . still the best CPE site . . . and thanks for not charging a fortune. I need 92 CPEs by next year's end, so I will see you again. Great people, communication is intelligent and very respectful and polite. Really appreciate this. Intend to use your company often. Thanks.
--E. M., EA (Salisbury, MD)

irs ce provider logo colorSummary of EA Sponsor CPE Requirements

The following information is taken directly from the Circular 230 Regulations Governing Enrolled Agents Sponsors.


(1) Sponsors are those responsible for presenting programs.

(2) To qualify as a sponsor, a program presenter must--

(i) Be an accredited educational institution;
(ii) Be recognized for continuing education purposes by the licensing body of any State, territory, or possession of the United States, including a Commonwealth, or the District of Columbia.
(iii) Be recognized by the Director of Practice as a professional organization or society whose programs include offering continuing professional education opportunities in subject matters within the scope of paragraph (f)(1)(i) of this section; or
(iv) File a sponsor agreement with the Director of Practice and obtain approval of the program as a qualified continuing education program.

(3) A qualifying sponsor must ensure the program complies with the following requirements--

(i) Programs must be developed by individual(s) qualified in the subject matter;
(ii) Program subject matter must be current;
(iii) Instructors, discussion leaders, and speakers must be qualified with respect to program content;
(iv) Programs must include some means for evaluation of technical content and presentation;
(v) Certificates of completion must be provided to the participants who successfully complete the program; and
(vi) Records must be maintained by the sponsor to verify the participants who attended and completed the program for a period of three years following completion of the program. In the case of continuous conferences, conventions, and the like, records must be maintained to verify completion of the program and attendance by each participant at each segment of the program.

(4) Professional organizations or societies wishing to be considered as qualified sponsors must request this status from the Director of Practice and furnish information in support of the request together with any further information deemed necessary by the Director of Practice.

(5) A professional organization or society recognized as a qualified sponsor by the Director of Practice will retain its status for one enrollment cycle. The Director of Practice will publish the names of such sponsors on a periodic basis.

Which FunCPE courses quailify for EA CPE?

As per the rules outlined in Treasury Department Circular No. 230, qualifying Enrolled Agent CPE must be in the areas of:

Federal taxation |  Federal tax related matters |  Ethics (2 hours per year)

All FunCPE  tax courses qualify for EA CPE as well as all of our ethics courses.  You can:

Sign up for a tax package which includes ethics:

~ or ~

Select your individual courses:

FunCPE exams are available online 24/7 to help you meet your CPE requirements on time. For the book based courses (under the Tax courses using books category) purchase books separately or borrow from library!