EA Renewal Dates

What is an "initial enrollment cycle"?

When you first become an enrolled agent, the period up until your first re-enrollment date is considered your "initial enrollment cycle." Review Enrolled Agent initial enrollment cycle requirements here.

What is the "standard enrollment cycle"?

After completing your initial enrollment cycle (i.e. you have completed your first renewal), you will be on the standard 3 year enrollment cycle.

How often does an EA renew their license?

Every 3 years, except the initial enrollment cycle is typically less than 3 years.

When is my renewal date?

Your renewal date is based on the last digit of your social security number. The following chart shows the next series of renewal dates and related CPE reporting periods.

Social Security No. Ends in:


Due Date
of Renewal

Effective Date
of Renewal

CPE Reporting Period

0, 1, 2, 3 12/31/18 01/31/19 04/01/19 2016 
4, 5, 6 12/31/19 01/31/20 04/01/20 2017
7, 8, 9 or
no Social Security no.
12/31/20 01/31/21 04/01/21 2018

How do I apply for renewal of my EA enrollment?

In the past, the IRS mailed a Renewal of Enrollment to Practice Before the IRS (Form 8554), however it appears they no longer do this.

Put your renewal date on your calendar

File by mail and pay by check

You can  fill out form 8554 online and print the filled out form to mail, along with your check or money order.

File and pay electronically

You can fill out the form and pay online by credit card.


What is the cost of renewal?

The renewal fee is $30 (every 3 years).

Does FunCPE report the CPE hours earned by each Enrolled Agent to the IRS?

Yes, beginning in mid 2012 CPE sponsors started reporting CPE hours by PTIN to the IRS. You can login to your IRS PTIN account to review CPE hours that have been reported for your PTIN.  The hours will only be displayed for years 2013 and forward, due to 2012 being a partial year.  Review the CE reporting requirements for IRS Approved CE Sponsors here.  

We also retain a record of all of your course completions and we have instructions for how to reprint a CPE certificate here. You can reprint a certificate of completion at any time, even after your course expires.

Will I need to mail in my certificates of completion with my license renewal?

No, you do not include copies of your certificates with your renewal, you simply report the CPE hours earned per year. You should retain copies of your certificates in your files in case you are selected for a random CPE audit.

If you allow your license to lapse and get placed on inactive status, the IRS usually requires you to mail in copies of your certificates along with your renewal form.  When you contact the IRS for specific instructions on how to become active again, they will tell you how to proceed.

The IRS requires you to retain copies of certificates for four years from date of renewal.  This means that some certificates from the beginning of your renewal period could be up to seven years old.

You can always obtain a copy of your certificate by logging into our course system at any time, even after your courses have expired (courses expire after one year in accordance with IRS CPE regulations).

For more details watch the Enrolled Agent Renewal Form 8554 walk through video