Fix a Problem

Can't login

Login requirements

  • User ID: not case sensitive
  • Password: IS case sensitive

Sometimes the problem is that you can’t remember your FunCPE User ID or password. Since we are all keeping track of about 5,000 IDs and passwords these days, this is understandable.

Enter your email here and you will get an automated reply with both User ID and Password.  If your email has changed, then you won’t get the automated reply. frown You will need to contact us directly to both change your email and get the login credentials.

Not receiving FunCPE emails

Emails from FunCPE come from these email addresses:

  • general correspondence
  • emails related to course enrollments

Most often the email is just going to a spam/junk folder. We seem to hear about more problems with Hotmail accounts than others.

If you have forgotten your password/User ID and also changed your email, you should email us with your new email. We can go into your account and enter the new email, so then you can retrieve your password/User ID.

Multiple account problems

Can you merge two accounts together?

Currently we do not have the capability to merge two accounts. If you end up with more than one account, we suggest using the account that had the most recent activity moving forward.

I can’t tell if I have an account

Feel free to contact us if you can’t tell if you have an account or can’t access your User ID and password because your email has changed.

It is best to continue using a single account, rather than setting up a new account, so that all your records are together.