How to see questions missed

Review Questions HelpHow do you see which questions you missed?

Most CPA state boards and the IRS require that CPE courses be "interactive" and also restrict when we can display which questions you missed.


Interactive courses must include:

We have two types of review question exams

1) Separate Review Questions Exam in the Exam Center

This type of exam will have a "Start Review Exam" button on the main course page.

Our Review Questions Exam is set up that you can take the optional exam but you do not have to pass the exam.

Once you submit the exam, your Exam Results page will have a link titled "Review this exam."

After submitting your Review Questions Exam,

2)  Review questions mixed in with the course material, appearing at the end of each section

In this case, the answers to the review questions, along with the explanations for correct and incorrect answers, is at the end of the document.

Many people find that the Review Questions exam is helpful in mastering the material and passing the final exam.

Final exam review

Due to changes in both the IRS and CPA state board requirements, you cannot review a final exam until AFTER you pass.

In past years, you could take the final exam, then if you didn't pass, you could view which questions you missed and simply change the wrong answers and resubmit the exam.  Now, you will get a new blank exam each time you re-take a final exam.  Once you pass the exam, you can view which questions you missed, and what the correct answer is.

After submitting your Final Exam,