Transcript Needed

How do I get a list of all CPE courses I have taken?Help–I need a copy of my course transcript

Two ways to get a course transcript

If you have any questions or problems accessing your online transcript–CALL US!


Our helpful staff is standing by to assist you:

Method #1

View/print online transcript

The online course list shows all courses you have registered for at FunCPE.

Here’s how to view and print your online transcript:

1. Click on Student Login from the top right hand corner of any page:


2. Enter your User ID and Password:

3. When you see your list of courses enrolled in, click on File, Print (Internet Explorer) on the top menu to print this page


Method #2

Request emailed transcript –system generated transcript

Our course system can generate a transcript of courses taken, dating back to October, 2004.

If you need a system generated course transcript, please

  • email us with your name and/or User ID, and
  • we will email it back to you.