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Help–I can’t view the PDF documents

You may need to download and install Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader is a free program that allows you to view PDF documents.

Which FunCPE documents are in PDF format?

  • Our printable exams
  • Certificates of completion
  • Course materials for some courses

If you have any other problems accessing our printable exams, course materials or any other document on our web site–CALL US!

Our helpful staff is standing by to assist you:

Click on Get Adobe Reader to download–it just takes a minute.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader-free

Recommend that you:

uncheck the optional offers to install McAfee Security software on the Download Acrobat Reader screen. 

Adobe sneaks in these checkboxes and most people don’t notice this until they end up with some software installed that they didn’t want!

You will need to download Adobe Reader only the first time you access a pdf document. Most people already have Adobe Reader and can skip this step.