Help–how do I retake the final exam?

To retake a final exam you:

1) Login to the course system (if you are not currently in the system)

  • Click on Launch button next to the course

2) Click on Exams in the top blue menu of the course system

3) Click on Retake this exam next to the Final Exam (under the “Action” column)

  • You must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly to pass
  • Click submit on the last page of the exam

About retaking an exam

  • No charge to retake an exam
  • Retake an exam as many times as needed to pass*

* Except the Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) exam is limited to four retakes

Our course system automatically resets the exam if you don’t pass. You will receive a new copy of the same exam**, without any answers marked.  You cannot find out which questions you missed in accordance with IRS and CPA regulations.

** Except the exam for the Tax Preparer AFTR course is different every time you take it.

• The book-based courses have an online Review Questions exam. If there is an online Review Questions exam for this course, you do NOT have to take or re-take the Review Questions exam (the Review Questions exam is optional).

    Final exam review

    Due to changes in both the IRS and CPA state board requirements, you cannot review a final exam to see which questions you misssed.

    In past years, you could take the final exam, then if you didn’t pass, you could view which questions you missed and simply change the wrong answers and resubmit the exam.  Now, you will get a new blank exam each time you re-take a final exam.

    Want to stop in the middle of the exam? Just click on “Next” at the bottom of any exam page, and your answers are saved once you advance to the next page.