Instructions for taking a CPE course

Our courses have been designed to be easy to take and completely menu driven.

You most likely won't need these detailed instructions!

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Step 1 - Register

After you click on Add to Cart and Checkout Now

No credit card information required to take the free course.

You will receive an emailed receipt confirming your purchase and including a link to login to the course

Note: we also accept registration by phone or mail.

Step 2 - Log in
Step 3 - Take the course

The course is completely menu driven and will contain the following steps:

This screenshot shows where to click, once you login, to access the exams:

How to take the exams

Courses and exams may be stopped and re-started as many times as you wish, with no loss of answers. When you are taking an exam, simply advance to the next page of the exam to save your answers.

All courses include a Review Questions exam that must be taken prior to starting the Final Exam. You do not have to pass the Review Questions exam, you need only attempt the exam and submit it, in order to progress to the Final Exam.

You must answer 70% of the questions correctly on the Final Exam in order to pass.

Step 4 - Submit your exam

If you did not pass the final exam, you can take the exam again--as many times as you need to (there is no charge to re-take an exam).

If you don't receive your Certificate of Completion promptly, you can easily retrieve a copy (at any time). Here are some screenshots that walk you through getting your certificate copy.

You may not receive the certificate of completion by email if your email address was mis-typed, your mailbox is full or a spam filter has filtered out the email (check your spam or junk mail folder if you have one).

Supplemental Information

How to obtain your course materials

All FunCPE book courses are "exam only" so you will need to obtain the course book separately. We do not sell/ship books or materials--this makes your CPE more affordable, because you get your books (for book courses) anywhere you want.

The course listing indicates whether the course uses Online Materials (this means the materials are included in the price and are available once you enroll and login to the course) or Books (which must be obtained separately).

 for each course will have detailed instructions on how to obtain the appropriate study materials for the course, including book edition information, links to amazon.com, links to the PDF documents, etc.

Online Materials

Book Courses

Have any questions?

You may find your questions answered on our FAQ page, but always feel free to contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have.