RTRP: Registered Tax Return Preparer with the IRS

How do I become a Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP)?

We get calls and emails from our students asking "how do I become a Registered Tax Return Preparer? or "how do I prepare for the RTRP exam?"

The answer is:  You cannot become an RTRP, as the program was suspended the the IRS in January 2013. The RTRP exam is no longer offered.

In fact, the IRS does not allow the use of the designation "RTRP" even if you passed the RTRP exam, met the other requirements and received your credential before the program was suspended.

How do I become a Certified Tax Preparer?

Another question we get concerns becoming a Certified Tax Preparer.  There is actually no such designation in the U.S., although Canada has a tax preparer program by that name.

There is a CTP designation available which stands for Certified Treasury Professional offered by the Association of Financial Professionals. You can read the details on our CTP page.

What tax preparer designations are available from the IRS?

Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)

The IRS introduced a new program in June 2014 called the Annual Filing Season Program which is available to all tax preparers for free.  Although it is free to join the AFSP program, preparers are required to obtain continuing education and a Preparer Tax ID Number (PTIN).

The AFSP requires annual continuing education (CE) of either 15 hours or 18 hours, depending on whether you are classifed as Exempt or Non-exempt.

No exam is required to become an AFSP, other than the exams related to the required CE courses.

Enrolled Agent (EA)

The IRS has offered the Enrolled Agent designation since 1884.  You must pass a rigorous 3-part exam called the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) at a proctored exam center and pass a background check.

EA costs include:

For more information on the AFSP or the EA programs

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