Humor Break - 12

smiley-smile Short humor break: Lipstick problem


The headmistress of the school was having a problem with the girls. They'd put lipstick on, and then proceed to leave a lip imprint on the mirrors in the bathroom. No amount of cajoling would cause the girls to stop 'kissing' the mirrors.

So headmistress decided to do some persuasion via demonstration.

She informs the girls how hard it is to remove lipstick smudges from the mirrors. She asks the janitor to show the girls how hard it is to remove the lipstick. Of course, the janitor complies.

He dips the mop into the toilet bowl and cleans the mirror.

Demo over. Lipstick problem over and done with.



smiley-laughing Medium humor break: Your computer is psychic (short game)


smiley-cool Long humor break: Persuse funny signs found around the world


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