Humor Break - 6

smiley-smile Short humor break: Joke-divorce news

The father calls the son who lives abroad.

"Your mum and I are getting divorced."

"But dad, you've been together for 35 years. How can you do that?" the son says.

"Give the news to your sister as well," says the dad and puts down the phone.

The brother calls the sister and they both panic about this sudden development.

The sister and brother call up the dad and say: "Don't do anything rash. Both of us are coming immediately to see how we can patch things up."

The dad puts down the phone and turns to the mum with a mischievous smile.

"See, I told you we could bring the kids over for a visit"


smiley-laughing Medium humor break: Favorite sentences

smiley-cool Long humor break: Read the story of bread (by Sunbeam, circa 1940)


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