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Good to Great CPE Course

Good to Great

Author: Jim Collins
Hardback (286 pages)
Amazon Kindle: Yes
Audible Audiobook:
Publisher: Harper Collins ISBN: 0066620996, (2001)
FunCPE Course no: 6009N
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All FunCPE book-based courses are "exam only" and the course materials/texts must be obtained separately. We provide a link to Amazon.com for your convenience, but you can obtain the reference text anywhere you like!

Where to obtain your book

  • Amazon is currently offering free shipping on orders over $35 (excludes used books).
  • Borrow the book from the library.
  • Borrow the book from a friend.
  • Purchase the book from a local bookstore.

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Free online access to some books through your library

Many or most U.S. public libraries offer free digital media resources to all library card holders.  All you need is a library card to access these online resources.  It only takes a minute to sign up. The digital services available are named Hoopla and Libby(also called Overdrive).


Hoopla is very easy to use, even for first-time downloaders.  They have a catalog of more than 500,000 content titles across six formats, including ebooks, audio books, comics, movies, music and TV.

Generally, Hoopla has unlimited copies of their titles and there are no holds or waiting.  Your library may limit the borrows however.

Access Hoopla here


Libby is an extension of your library's catalog and the digital books/audiobooks are limited to how many the library has purchased.  You may have to get on a waiting list to get your book; the app will let you know how long the wait is expected to be.

Access Libby here