Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP)

All FunCPE courses are acceptable for ATP CPE credit. ATPs in every state can receive credit for our courses.

The Accredation Council for Accountancy and Taxation (ACAT) requires that ATPs:

The current CPE cycle is July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017.

Rules and requirements for ACAT credential holders (Per the ACAT website):

Programs that qualify as CPE

The overriding consideration in determining whether a specific program qualifies as acceptable continuing education is that it be a formal program of learning which contributes directly to the professional competence of an accredited individual. The following are deemed acceptable:

In order for an educational program to qualify for CPE credit, organizations must:

Continuing education credit will be given for whole hours only, with a minimum of 50 minutes constituting the class hour.

Can I use self-study and journals for my contact hours?

Independent study that is approved for continuing education credits may be used for 100% of the hours required for certification renewal.

Do CPE programs need to be approved or accredited by a national organization?


I already submit CPE for my CPA (or EA, CFP, etc.) designation. Can I use these for my ACAT credentials?

Yes. As long as you have taken the appropriate number of CPE hours in the specified areas, then you may also submit them to ACAT.

Accordingly, all FunCPE courses qualify for CPE credit. We offer cpe courses in the following subjects:

We welcome Accredited Tax Preparers to our site and would like to serve your needs better. Please contact us with any suggestions for new course topics for Accredited Tax Preparer CPE specifically.