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Accredited Valuation Analyst (AVA)

Specific FunCPE fraud courses are acceptable for AVA CPE credit. AVAs in every state can receive credit for our courses.

The Financial Forensics Institute (NACVA) recertification program follows a 100-point system, whereby credentialed members must obtain 100 or more points to comply with recertification. The new point system allows points credit for life-long learning, contributions to industry knowledge and for experience, upon meeting certain criteria.

AVAs must obtain 36 hours of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) in areas of

  • valuation,
  • litigation,
  • financial forensics/fraud consulting, or
  • related applications.

Fifty percent or more of the 36 hour requirement must be earned in the subject areas of valuation and/or litigation.

If you elect to take more than 36 hours of continuing education, you can receive additional points. The point system is detailed in the NACVA Association Brochure.

Courses must be completed in each three-year period, based on your initial license date. All CPE cycles end on December 31st of the third year of your renewal period and December 31st is the renewal due date as well.

Rules and requirements for AVA credential holders (Per the NACVA website):

Programs that qualify as CPE

NACVA has not defined specific approved courses, but any course or conference sponsored or endorsed by NACVA, or any course or conference with valuation, litigation, financial forensics or fraud in its title would clearly apply.

There will be gray areas, i.e., courses having some application to these disciplines, and we ask designees to use their best judgment to determine compliance and the appropriate hours to report. NACVA reserves the right to request more specific proof or evidence of course attendance and content, upon which a full determination can be made as to actual compliance to the CPE requirement.

Accordingly, FunCPE Fraud courses qualify for CPE credit.

FunCPE has the following fraud courses:

Financial Number Game Cost | Hours: $56 |  16 CPE hours enroll now
multi year
Text included: No | View outline
Book sold separately: Financial Numbers Game ($1-$20)
Valid for: Most CPAs | others
 Not Valid for:  EA | AFSP


Fraud Investigation CPE course for CPA, CFE, CFS and other financial professionals Cost | Hours: $40  |  10 CPE hours enroll now
multi year
Text included: No | View outline
Book sold separately: Forensic Accounting  ($41-$47)
Valid for:  Most CPAs | others
 Not valid for:  EA | AFSP


106112 Cost | Hours: $52  |  14 CPE hours enroll now
multi year
Text included: No | View outline
Book sold separately: Fraud Prevention-2nd Ed. ($23-$30)
Valid for:  Most CPAs | others
 Not valid for:  EA | AFSP 

Meets California Fraud CPE requirements.  

1062 Cost | Hours: $70  |  20 CPE hours enroll now
multi year
Text included: No | View outline
Book sold separately: Financial Statement Fraud ($41-$55)
Valid for: Most CPAs | others
 Not valid for:  EA | AFSP


We welcome Accredited Valuation Analysts to our site and would like to serve your needs better. Please contact us with any suggestions for new course topics for Fraud CPE specifically.

Who are AVAs?

Tax, audit, and accounting services practitioners who wish to specialize in a lucrative, non-seasonal consulting niche; merger and acquisition consultants, investment and financial analysts, investment bankers, financial officers, business advisors, accounting and finance professors; in short, anyone who deals with business value in the course of his or her work.

AVAs must hold a business degree and/or MBA or higher business degree from an accredited college or university and demonstrate substantial business valuation experience, among other requirements. In addition to passing a comprehensive five-hour, multiple-choice,proctored exam, AVA applicants must successfully demonstrate that they meet NACVA’s experience requirement by completing a Case Study or submitting an actual and sanitized fair market value report, prepared during the last 12 months, for peer review.

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