Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)

Credential issued and maintained by

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Continuing education requirements for CFE:

Obtain a minimum of 20 CPE hours per renewal year

  • At least 10 hours must relate directly to the detection and deterrence of fraud
  • 2 hours must relate directly to ethics

Renewal Period

Renewal period is 12 month period based on member anniversary month.

All FunCPE courses are acceptable for CFE CPE credit

CFEs in every state can receive credit for our courses.

Fraud courses

Certified Fraud Examiners often take our fraud courses, which meet the 10-hour requirement for CPE that relates directly to the detection and deterrence of fraud.

Ethics courses

All FunCPE ethics courses are acceptable for CFE Ethics CPE.  The ACFE requires courses to have a primary course topic of ethics or be ethics-related.

We welcome Certified Fraud Examiners to our site and would like to serve your needs better.

Please contact us with any suggestions for new course topics for CFE CPE specifically.

Rules and requirements for CFE CPE (per the ACFE website)

Educational programs that qualify as CPE

Correspondence and self-study courses are acceptable for recommended CPE credit provided they

  1. require a final examination and
  2. issue certificates of completion.

All FunCPE courses meet these requirements.

Acceptable fields of study are:

  • Fraud Examination,
  • Accounting and Auditing and
  • Specialized Knowledge and Applications
  • Other fields of study may also qualify if the subject is related to the practice of fraud examination or one of its related disciplines (law, accounting, criminology, and investigation methods).
  • Ethics