Elder Care Specialist (ECS)

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Continuing education requirements for ECSs:


History of the Elder Care Specialist (ECS)

The Accredation Council for Accountancy and Taxation (ACAT) developed and administered the ECS designation until about 2014.  After 2014, there is no longer any mention of the ECS credential on the ACAT website, so apparently it was discontinued.

When a professional designation is discontinued like this, you no longer have to pay renewal fees or take required CPE courses.

All FunCPE courses qualify for ECS CPE credit


All FunCPE courses are acceptable for Elder Care Specialists CPE credit, although there appear to be no CPE requirements from 2014 onward. 

We welcome Elder Care Specialists to our site and would like to serve your needs better. Please contact us with any suggestions for new course topics for Elder Care Specialist CPE specifically.


The historical CPE requirements from ACAT were that an ECS:

  • Earn 72 CPE credit hours per 3 year cycle 
  • Include at least 24 hours in eldercare issues such as:
    • retirement,
    • asset management,
    • Social Security,
    • Medicare,
    • long-term care, or
    • trusts and estate
  • The remaining 44 CPE hours can be in:
    • taxation and/or related subjects, such as
    • financial management,
    • computer science,
    • business law
    • accounting or
    • subjects that relate to your area of practice or employment
  • plus 4 hours in ethics.