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CPA CPE - by State

FunCPE is accepted in many states for CPA CPE. Please see our CPA Ethics page for information about using our ethics courses to meet CPA ethics requirements.

Certified Public Accountants

  • Your State Board of Accountancy has final authority on the acceptance of any course for CPE credit for CPAs. Contact your state board if you have any questions concerning their CPE requirements.
  • The student is responsible for selecting courses which meet the board requirements.
  • You can review your state CPA CPE requirements online using links to state boards and state CPA societies.
  • All FunCPE courses are interactive as defined by the AICPA. You can review our summary:
    "Interactive CPE: what makes a CPE course interactive?" for more information.
  • Some courses do not have 100% multiple choice final exams.  Some states require 100% multiple choice final exams such as California and Colorado.  See notes for those states for more details.

The information contained in the following sections is believed to be the most current information available regarding your requirements. However, rules and regulations are constantly changing, therefore the information contained here is not guaranteed by FunCPE.



Courses conform to CPA state requirements in these states

FunCPE courses have been developed according to state requirements for CPA s in the following states.

CPE provider number or sponsor ID shown where applicable--most states do not use or require provider numbers or sponsor IDs. States with links have required disclosures and/or additional details.

AK | AL* | AZ* | CA* | CO* | CT | DE | GA | HI | IA | ID |

IL (158-002143) | IN | KY |  MA | MD | ME | ME | MI |

MO | MT* | ND | NE* | NH* | NM | NV | NY*(002025) |

OH* | PA (PX177424) | RI | SD | TX*(008473) | UT |

VA | VT | WA | WI | WY

All provider numbers are printed on your certificate of completion. View a sample certificate here.


Courses NOT accepted in the following states/territory for CPAs

The following states require CPAs to take courses from sponsors registered with NASBA.

We are not a member of NASBA and thus our courses do NOT meet the CPA state requirements of the following states (see note about Florida).

NASBA membership required:

AR | DC | FL*** | KS | MN | MS | NJ | NC | OK | OR | SC | TN | WV

NASBA course format required:   LA

State/Territory registration required: Guam



* Specific state requirements for CPAs:

Alabama CPAs and Montana CPAs should report 50% of the CPE credit shown on their FunCPE certificate.

  • Alabama defines "interactive CPE" as requiring interaction with the instructor. FunCPE courses do not meet that definition, as we use the AICPA definition of "interactive." Our courses meet the AL "non-interactive" course requirements, but the CPE credit must be reported at the 50% rate.

Arizona CPAs must take a minimum of 16 hours of classroom or live/interactive webinar CPE.  While all FunCPE courses are interactive per the AICPA definition, none of our courses are interactive webinars.

California CPAs must take 8 hours of fraud CPE if work on an audit, review, compilation or attestation service during any two year reporting period.
California requires that course final exams contain 100% multiple choice questions.  Currently the following FunCPE courses meet this requirement:

Nebraska CPAs may obtain pre-approval of courses from the Nebraska Board of Accountancy. Pre-approval is recommended but not required.

New Hampshire requires that self study examinations contain in-depth review of the correct answers to program exam questions. All FunCPE courses include a review exam which has in-depth explanation for both correct and incorrect answers.

New York CPAs cannot take personal development courses or courses concerning marketing a CPA practice. We do not currently have any personal development courses, thus all courses are acceptable courses for NY CPAs.

Ohio CPAs no longer need a "registered provider number" because the Accountancy Board of Ohio discontinued sponsor registration requirements in 2008. Read about the Ohio sponsor changes for more information.

Texas CPAs can reference the required State Board of Public Accountancy language required for CPE Sponsors and see how many Texas cities are represented by FunCPE students. FunCPE has been a registered Texas CPA CPE sponsor since 2001--you can view a copy of the Texas State Board letter  as well as our most recent successful CPE review by the Board.  We also have a list of Texas CPA Ethics courses available online.

*** Florida exceptions to NASBA requirement

Self-study courses taken in the Behavioral category are accepted from CPE providers who are not registered with NASBA. Accordingly, the following courses can be taken from FunCPE for CPE credit for Florida CPAs:



State requirements can be confusing. If you have further questions regarding CPE acceptance in your state or by your profession, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a CPA may contact the state board.

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