From time to time, our customers ask us what products and services we use to run our website. We wholeheartedly recommend the following:

Email newsletter and CPE reminders service

AWeber is easy to use and easy to set up.  If you send out a newsletter to more than 40-50 people, you need an email service to make it easier to manage.  An email service allows customers to change their email preferences and update their email address without getting you involved.

Finding a website name

Nameboy is not only useful, it is a lot of fun to search for creative website names.  Believe it or not, there are still plenty of great URLs available.  And this is a free resource.

Your current reading program determines your future

Move Your Cheese and Go Fish in One Minute? True business success is rarely the result of trendy management ideas, but rather the result of dedicated attention to the basics. Sometimes it makes more sense to read or re-read some of the great business classics, than to read an over-hyped current best seller.

Whether you are a CPA or an EA, or work in accounting, tax or finance-you need to know how to manage time, money and people. You may know GAAP (or the tax code), but if you can't communicate effectively, you won't move up the career ladder.

You've just finished a busy audit season, and things are starting to slow down. The first few days at the slower pace, you're relieved to leave the office on time. After a few days a slow panic starts to set in-if little work is being done in the office, then little revenue is coming in. If no revenue is coming in . . . well, you get the picture.

Most marketing is a long term process of finding your target audience, creating multiple marketing pieces, doing mailings or trade shows-but right now you need some short term results. One way to get people to contact you is with a classified ad.

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