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Reduce commercial printing costs-business cards & envelopes

Greetings fellow thrifty accountants!

Everybody needs commercial printing at some point, even if it is just to print business cards.

Inflation–what’s that? In these tough economic times, it is gratifying to find that some things actually cost less than they used to. Commercial printing is one of those things.

Today we look at two companies that can improve your image–for pennies.

Cool business cards for less than you used to pay for ordinary–how did this happen?

Printers are using more digital technology to produce high-quality, short-run prints at a fraction of the cost of traditional offset printing. They have been able to

  • automate the processes,
  • increase speed,
  • improve image quality and
  • simplify press operation.

As a result, when I ordered new business cards recently, they cost less than 1/2 the price they cost five years ago.

Business card printing

Consider using for cards

Full color on both sides (might as well put something on the back!)

Beautiful envelopes that are easier to use

We don’t do as much mailing as we once did (email is so much quicker and easier), but when we do, it’s great to have good looking envelopes which are fast and easy to seal.

Envelope printing

I’ve found the best prices and great quality at

No. 10 envelopes with 2-color printing on the front and peel-n-seal, which I prefer

Order business cards and envelopes from different specialty providers for best prices

You can get the best prices by ordering business cards and envelopes (and letterhead) from different companies–and I’ve never had a problem with the colors not matching.