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Become a better person by reading free newsletters

Greetings fellow thrifty accountants!

I’m sure you’d like to become a better person–more organized, healthier, better vocabulary etc.–if it didn’t take much time or money to do so.

I receive several email newsletters that tell me how to do just these things, plus a few that discuss marketing.

Today’s newsletter shows you how to get free inspiration and instructions on self improvement.

Do you have room for improvement?

Would you like to become smarter or better organized ? How about improve your vocabulary or make more money? Of course you would-who wouldn’t?

But who has the time, or money, to buy and read books, go to seminars or buy expensive newsletters?

Get started on your path to a better life by subscribing to a few email newsletters (like this one, of course!). I want to share with you my favorite newsletters.

And guess what- they are all free.

1) Wealth, health and wisdom

“Imagine if you had a wealthy and successful friend sharing his money-making and life secrets with you, every working day, all year long…How successful would you become?”

Although a certain amount of hype is included (the quote is from their website), I enjoy my daily email from Early to Rise. They have over 500,000 subscribers, so it’s one of the most popular daily email newsletters around.

Newsletter name: Early to Rise

2) Time management

One of the best speakers and motivators in the world offers ten free newsletters. I’ve tried all of them and like the time management, quote of the day and personal success ones the best. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly tying to improve my time management!

Newsletter name: Brian Tracy’s Newsletter (various)

3) Marketing

I became familiar with Marcia Yudkin after reading her classic book “Six Steps to Free Publicity.” In her brief weekly newsletter, she breaks down marketing ideas into simple steps that are easy to understand and often quick to implement.

Newsletter name: The Marketing Minute

4) Newsletters

Every business should have a newsletter, right? Read this bi-weekly newsletter and you’ll become a believer. This is the most entertaining newsletter I receive-Michael Katz’s musings are often hilarious and always skillfully used to make his point.

Newsletter name: E-newsletter on E-newsletters

All of these newsletters are short enough to read quickly (since I’m working on my time management). I’ve learned

  • that “you become what you think about, most of the time” from Brian Tracy and
  • the world is divided into two parts from Michael Katz

Observations about junk mail

At first, I was concerned that signing up for newsletters was a sure path to getting on junk mail lists. As it turns out, I don’t believe I’ve gotten on any new junk mail lists as a result of signing up for these particular newsletters.

You may use my admittedly unsophisticated approach-when I sign up for a newsletter, I use a different (made up) name for each one I sign up for-that way I can tell if I receive any extra email (those spammers love to “personalize” your email with your first name).