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More interesting newsletters--online for free

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Greetings fellow thrifty accountants!

Our most popular newsletter to-date was the issue, "Become a better person" which reviewed four free newsletters I liked. It's time for an update on newsletters!

This issue covers three online newsletters that reveal strategies to work less, work for yourself and work more efficiently. And improving your work life improves your life in general, right?

Make your life more interesting

When I run across an interesting website, I often subscribe to their newsletter or blog, if they have one. Reading the newsletter over time allows me to temper my enthusiasm for the writer and adjust accordingly (i.e. unsubscribe).

I currently subscribe to the following three newsletters/blogs--and I learn something from every issue.


1) The Blog of Tim Ferriss

When I heard about Tim's book "The Four Hour Work Week," I was intrigued by the idea of outsourcing and automating most of your work. I visited his website, and subscribed to his newsletter, and then eventually read his book (hmmm...I guess this is what he hopes his subscribers will do!).

I enjoy reading his blog entries--his philosophy is not to just reduce your work week, but to make sure you are really doing what you want to be doing the rest of the time.


2) Bill Myers Tip of the Week

Each week Bill sends out a tip, technique, or strategy about doing business on the web. His newsletters help me stay abreast of some of the trends on the Internet and new resources available (usually free).

He also discusses ideas for new businesses you could start on the Internet--with very low (like $20) start-up costs.

Last updated 08/02/16

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