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Improve your work environment–with ergonomic equipment

Greetings fellow thrifty accountants!

If you’ve read “The Millionaire Next Door” (one of my favorite books), you know that many millionaires control their expenses carefully. This issue however, shows you where to spend some money to make your work environment more productive–so we’re talking “spend money to save money” today.

This newsletter describes four items you should buy to improve your work environment.

Improve your work environment

1) Desk chair

If you work in an office, you often get a randomly assigned chair that was left by your predecessor. Or maybe it was a chair from the storeroom. Sometimes all the office chairs were purchased at one time–and it was a long time ago. Sometimes the chairs were selected to match a color scheme. Rarely are the chairs selected to be ergonomically correct for Y O U.

Many home offices use desk chairs that could be described as “leftovers.” If you work at home (and really, everyone does, in one way or another), you deserve a comfortable chair. Believe me, the cost of a good chair is cheap compared to the cost of back pain later.

The chair I selected for my office has adjustable

  • arm rests,
  • seat height and
  • back tilt.

–and it is just plain comfortable. I had to try out all the chairs in person (I bought mine from Office Depot), and you should too. The specific chair I purchased has been discontinued . . . but there is a large selection available of chairs with the same features.

You deserve to be comfortable when you are working–so get a comfortable chair if you don’t have one. I mean it.

2) Big stapler

Do you ever have a large document you need to staple, and you have to staple it from the front, then turn it over and staple it from the back? You need a big stapler that can staple, say, 50 pages.

I don’t use it that much, but it seems to come in handy, and I don’t have to struggle with documents not staying stapled or having to use bulky binder clips.

And yes, you do have to buy special staples for this Swingline high-capacity stapler, but I don’t use it for all my stapling so they last a long time. It is super smooth to operate, and frankly the best stapler I have ever owned.

And it’s even endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation–what more could you ask for?

3) Wireless mouse

I didn’t realize how much that pesky mouse cord was bothering me until I got a wireless mouse. Once you use one, you’ll never go back!

I do have to replace my two “AA” batteries about every six months, but it is a small price to pay for love.

4) New keyboard

Why not go all out? I use the Microsoft Natural keyboard, which is the odd-looking split keyboard. I have been using it for over 15 years, so I can’t remember that well–but I think it didn’t take long to get used to it (and it is a lot more comfortable!)

I bought a wireless keyboard/mouse combination.

The new keyboard has several new features that my old keyboard didn’t have. I often use the buttons for the:

  • pop-up calculator and
  • volume control for music speakers.

There are several other shortcut buttons that would be handy if I remembered to use them. And you gotta like eliminating some of those pesky cords.

Wireless or not, if you’ve had your keyboard for more than 6-7 years, they’ve improved!

Where to shop

If you want to buy from Office Depot, you can sometimes find the chair you want on sale, and get more off by ordering online and using a coupon code.  I usually check for coupons.

Also check the prices at Amazon, which is sometimes less expensive.