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Greetings fellow thrifty accountants!

The economic downturn has hit Houston, where we are located. It seems like a lot of people are looking for jobs.

Yet some people are still hiring--and they need to find good candidates to fill those positions. What is the best way to get good applicants?


Today we discusses why you should consider placing an ad on Craiglist to reach a large applicant pool.

The new way

Place an ad on craigslist.com. Why?

The old way

Place an ad in your city newspaper. Why not?

Needless to say, the Houston Chronicle job section has gotten very thin.

Inside scoop

My friend the accounting and tax professionals recruiter uses Craigslist ads to find many of her job candidates.

Another former accounting/tax headhunter found a new VP of marketing using Craigslist--and he said his new hire is one of the most qualified people he's ever hired.

My experience

I placed an ad on Craigslist for a medical assistant position at my dad's office a few weeks ago. We received over 250 resumes from mostly well-qualified applicants. Bonus: it's more convenient to filter through and file resumes received online, than to field phone calls.

October 2009 | Issue #017