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Save 20% on office supplies--without really trying

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Greetings fellow thrifty accountants!

Do you receive tons of office supply catalogs, all showing various discount codes or free items with purchase? I do, and in an effort to stay organized, I toss out all those flyers and catalogs!

When the time comes to order office supplies, I get my coupons online.

Where to get discount codes online

I ran across this website and I use it whenever I need to purchase office supplies:

  • Go to www.morestuff4less.com
    • (Go to "Deals by Merchant" and select "Office Depot" if the link above doesn't work)
    • Scroll down to the section titled "Coupons and Promotional Links"
    • Obtain a coupon code good for $20 off an order of $100 (or $10 off $50 etc.) from Office Depot.
  • You can generally get free shipping on any order for $50 or more.
  • You must order online to use these discount codes (www.officedepot.com).

It's that easy and you don't have to keep track of all those catalogues they send you with discount codes-you can just go to this website at your convenience to get a code.

This blog also has good advice on ways to combine coupons and rebates to get some super good deals on computer equipment and such.

September 2005 | Issue #002

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