Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPAi)

Credential issued and maintained by

Forensic Certified Public Accountants International

Continuing education requirements for FCPAi:

20 hours of CPE per year (the type of CPE required is not specified on the website)




FunCPE courses qualify for FCPEi credit

The FCPAA website does not specify any restrictions on the type of CPE required for renewal, stating only that 20 hours are required.

FunCPE has a selection of fraud courses to choose from, which would be of interest to a FCPAi credentialed CPA.  Our courses are accepted for CPAs in most states.


How to obtain the Forensic CPA credential

The FCPAA requires a candidate to pass a qualifying test.  In order to take this test, candidates must be:

  1. Be an associate member of the FCPAA in good standing
  2. Meet minimum academic requirements: Bachelor degree with accounting, finance, business administration or other related major
  3. Minimum of two years professional experience
  4. Provide at least 2 FCPAA referrers
  5. Agree to abide by the professional Code of Conduct and Ethics of FCPAA

The FCPAi certification test is a 180 question, timed 3-hour test with with a current cost of $300.


Similar FCPA credential

A similar credential titled “Forensic Certified Public Accountant” (FCPA) was created by and is maintained by the Forensic Certified Public Accountants Society (FCPAS).

Visit the Forensic Certified Public Accountant credential from FCPAS page here