CPA-Texas Ethics Requirements

Cheap Texas ethics course for CPA, cheaper online TX ethics courses

Texas CPAs are required to take a four hour ethics course every two years

As a Texas CPA, I too have to take the required ethics course. FunCPE does not currently offer an ethics course for TX CPAs.

I researched the online courses available and I am sharing my findings here. Prices and offerings are as of September 2, 2020.

I elected to take the cheapest TX ethics course on the assumption that all Texas ethics courses cover the same required CPE materials, and in fact many web sites use the same course authors.

I prefer the online self-study format.  You have the option of taking a webinar course for some, but the cost is higher.

Carolyn Weaver, CPA

  • $35.00 – Beacon Hill Financial Educators – author:  Joseph Hellstrom
  • $39.00  – CPAselfstudy – author: Joseph Helstrom (Mill Creek Publishing)
  • $38.95 – Professional Publishing Group, Inc. – author: Colleen McClain
  • $59.00 – AmericanCPE – author: Colleen McClain
  • $77.00 – Wolters Kluwer  – author: Allison McCleod
  • $59.00 – JN-Productions – author:  Walter Austin
  • $49.00 – Global CPE – author: Allison McLeod
  • $39.95 – CPEthink – author: Walter Austin or Joseph Helstom or Jae Shim (3 courses)
  • $79.00 – Checkpoint Learning – author: Raymond Clay
  • $76.00 – Apex CPE – author: Lampton
  • $149 – CPE Online – author: Colleen McClain (live webinar)