CPA Ethics Courses

CPA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is regulated by the state you are licensed in. State requirements for CPA ethics courses are either:

1) State specific–the state requires that the ethics course cover that state’s rules and regulations governing CPAs licensed in that state


2) General or behavioral–the state accepts ethics courses that cover general ethical considerations or behavior.

If you live in a state that accepts a general or behavioral ethics course AND that state accepts our CPE courses, you can take any of our ethics courses.

If you have questions or are not sure about your specific requirements, please check with your State Board.


Currently, the following states allow a general ethics course AND accept our CPE courses for credit:

AK – Alaska

CA – California*

CO – Colorado

CT – Conneticut

HI – Hawaii

ID – Idaho

IA – Iowa

IL – Illinois

IN – Indiana

KY- Kentucky

MA – Massachusetts

MD – Maryland

ME – Maine

MI – Michigan

MO – Missouri

MT – Montana

NE – Nebraska

NH – New Hampshire

NM – New Mexico

NV – Nevada

PA – Pennsylvania

RI – Rhode Island

* California requires a state-approved course course every 6 years, our courses do not meet that requirement.  Our courses do meet the requirements for the other years when a state-based ethics course is not required.


Texas ethics courses:  We do not offer a TX approved ethics course, as this is a state that requires the course to cover Texas rules for CPAs. We do have a summary of available ethics courses with price comparison, which is useful if you want to find a cheap Texas CPA ethics course!